House Rules

Periodic control:
It is important to visit the dentist every six months. Such a visit lasts approximately 10-15 minutes. This visit is important because the dentist can detect and subsequently treated here inflammation / caries / plaque at an early stage.Did you know that this periodic check is very important for you to avoid pain and great financial expenses in the future. Did you know that dental treatment for children under 18 with basic insurance, it will be fully reimbursed by the insurer!You need to make your appointments for semiannual inspection, and the like. You will receive a call card.

Personal information:
As a patient you must ALWAYS hand over a valid ID and your zorgverzekeringspas before the start of your appointment. Changes to your personal information such as address, phone, email, etc., you must ALWAYS in writing to us. During your first visit, please fill in a questionnaire concerning your health. This list must be completed fully and truthfully. This is to prevent possible complications. Changes in your health and medication you should always inform us.

We ask you to sign in at the desk before the start of your appointment. And your personal credentials here late (valid ID / zorgverzekeringspas) It is important for the dentist to know which insurance you have. So the dentist can indicate to you when expenses are not covered by your insurance.
We ask you 5 minutes before your appointment are available. So we can prevent that your treatment starts later and that other patients have a longer waiting period. For you it also be nice if the other patients in time to ensure that your wait time remains as short as possible.
Cancel / Cancel appointment
If you are prevented for any reason, an appointment can be rescheduled. This is done by us with timely information. Ie at a routine appointment at least 24 hours in advance (for an event that takes place on a Monday, this means that you can cancel this agreement by Friday to 11:00.) For any other treatment, you need 48 hours to do before. This gives us the opportunity to oppose the appointment and assign the scheduled time to another patient. If you do not and you are not on the appointment, we are unfortunately forced to take the scheduled time fee. Also remember that it always canceling treatments may jeopardize the continuity of care at risk.

We therefore do everything possible to prevent the failure of your appointment. So we have taken a number of precautions to reduce the chance that you forget the appointment / does not reduce up.

You will receive an appointment card with you when your next appointment is listed first.
You can always contact the practice to request the details of your appointment.
You can well in advance reschedule the appointment. You can do this by contacting our practice, our staff are on standby (Doing so for the latest time you can reschedule your appointment!). This is a small effort for both you and us and therefore need not be a problem.
Finally, we do our best to call a day in advance to alert you to your appointment. However, you are always responsible for fulfilling your appointment.
If despite all these measures do not exist in the event we are obliged to bring the scheduled time fee. Verzuimingsredens are currently too late! (With exceptions). Our penalty fee is € 19.50 per 10 minutes, or a waste of money and a waste of our time.

Were not you the opportunity to visit our practice to brush your teeth properly? Ask the (counter) assistant (e) for a toothbrush. Toothpaste is always present. If the work is for us a lot more pleasant and enjoyable!

During your first visit with us in practice, we take plenty of time. During this meeting we will do an oral examination and if necessary we make radiographs. On the basis of this whole investigation we can inform you about your dental situation. If necessary, creates a follow-up appointment and chose the required treatment.
During the semi-annual audit, there is limited time or no time for treatment. There will be a follow-up appointment to be made.

In public buildings are non-smoking. So even at the dentist. You can still smoke outside this please do not make the appointment.
We kindly ask you to put your cell phone on silent in our practice. Should you unfortunately answer a call you want to do this without disturbing other patients and our office assistant.
Pets are within our PRACTICE